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Are Fake ID Cards Legal or Illegal

We all know fake ID cards are available widely on the internet with many people believing that fake ID cards illegal but this isnt always the case. There are many websites that sell novelty ID cards that are called fake ID cards as this is the industry slang. These fake ID cards are legal to sell and legal to purchase as long as they are used for what they are intended.

In the eyes of the law it is not illegal to have a fake ID card like a fake driving license in your wallet, even if your fake driving license looks a like the original government issued document. As this is a novelty item the law cannot prove that you are using your fake ID card for anything other than novelty purposes. The companies that produce and sell fake ID cards often have disclaimers on their websites that you have to agree too, these say that you agree that your fake ID card will not be used for anything other than novelty purposes. They also point out that using your fake ID card for anything other than novelty use is illegal and they do not condone it. They can also refuse to sell you a fake driving license etc if you have implied that you will be using it for something other than a novelty ID card.

Purchasing a fake passport or fake driving license for anything other than novelty purposes is illegal and your punishment will depend on the extent of the crime. This can range from a hefty fine to a jail sentence. The law will have to prove the fake ID card is being used for something other than novelty purposes. Lets say an illegal immigrant or terrorist is found in possession of a fake ID card then there will be consequences for this type of crime.

Proving a company is selling fake ID cards for anything other than novelty purposes can be very hard. There will have to be proof that a company is corresponding with a criminal gang that are known for purchasing fake driving licenses to illegal immigrants before any prosecution can take place. Our advice is if you would like to purchase a fake ID card like a fake driving license or a fake student card then only purchase it if your intentions of use are for novelty purposes only.

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